Wing Foiling

Wing Foil Lesson

2 Hour Session – £120.00 per person – (an extra hour is available to book £60)

The excitement for wing foiling is everywhere. At many beaches across the UK, you will see someone wing surfing or cruising on a foil board. There are videos all over the internet of people showing off, doing the latest tricks, and surfing the perfect wave with a wing in their hand.

As part of our wing-foiling course we will teach you the basics of handling the wing, wind awareness, and the safety aspects that go with wing foiling. Our lessons will guide anyone starting out as a total beginner and help you progress in becoming a competent wing foiler. Advanced lessons are also available to further improve your skills & knowledge to join the wing foiling movement.

We use the latest wing foiling equipment from RRD and Infinity SUP to ensure optimal progression. Our safety kit includes an impact vest, helmets, and radios to provide instant feedback and close communication. Wetsuits, wings, and boards are all supplied.